What Others are Saying about Us

“My band & I played an Intimate/Unplugged Show at PHCC.  From the time we entered the building for SetUp/Soundcheck, we were greeted with kindness, professionalism, and such a warm hospitality!  Bob and his staff were concerned with making sure everything was perfect from Sound/Lighting to Additional Video Production (they supplied), to general things like food/drink for the band & I.   The fans filled up the PHCC and they were SUCH a warm/attentive crowd!  When the songs came to an end, there were ALWAYS loud cheers and applause followed by immediate silence/attention waiting for the next song.  As a singer/songwriter, it was so inspirational!   On behalf of myself, Oz & BDubbs…we can’t WAIT to come back and play the PHCC!  Thanks for having us!” – Joe Bachman & the Tailgaters

“Grandpa’s a fan of the Palmer Historical and Cultural Center.” – Garry Brown, in The Republican on March 11, 2014 as seen on masslive.com

“All of us, Pikeys, Ranters, pipers and readers, admire [Harmony H]all – aptly named because it really is harmonious – the acoustics and visual setting are beautiful. There’s something about all that wood – as a former church it was obviously built with acoustics in mind and the whole place just hums. Add to that a culturally aware audience in comfortable seats and it makes for great vibes. We love playing there.” – Rose Higgins, The Pikeys

“I just wanted to acknowledge the fact of how pleasant the experience of performing at Harmony Hall was for myself as an entertainer, as well as for the other members of the band.  I truly found it to be the perfect blend of a large venue atmosphere, within an intimate performance setting.  I have performed in many venues throughout the world, yet I felt that Harmony Hall was such an acoustic paradise compared to many others that I have performed in throughout my career.  And I just want to conclude by saying that I would gladly perform again at Harmony Hall anytime the availability arises.  A lot of fun, great venue, great performances and a great audience. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Harmony Hall experience.  It was a great pleasure performing for you and an evening I will forever  remember.” – John Leone, Landslide

“I had a great time performing at Harmony Hall. The renovation is wonderful. It looks like a new place. The acoustics are good but the best part is the audience. Some really nice, tuned in people come to the concerts and it is easy to win them over. I would perform again anytime.”  – Malita Brown, Strings Attached and Gemtones

“There would not have been a better place to introduce our new show to an audience and both nights were as warmly received as could be.” – Leo Moran, September 2013, www.leoandanto.com

“We had an absolutely lovely time at Harmony Hall. The community was attentive and welcoming, and we look forward to returning sometime soon.” – Auyon Mukharji, Darlingside

“Harmony Hall is great. It became like a second home to me. The community is wonderful and I am very comfortable there. It is a huge privilege to have a show and a CD release party as well, but to have both at Harmony Hall was a bonus. It’s an honor to have this opportunity, but to have it so close to home makes it even better.” – Maraide McClure [age 13]

“From the ringing of the bell to the last note played, and every moment in between, our day was made. We put our best foot forward and the standing ovation was our reward. The response from the crowd made us very proud. Perhaps if we were to be invited back again, it would give us an ear to ear grin.” – Dave Hellman, Old Country Road

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